E-MAR Resources
A Certified Industrial Hygiene Company

About Us

E-MAR Resources is an independent Certified Industrial Hygiene company.  Founded in 1999, the principal, Michael Ridosh, has over 40 yuears of experience in the field.  Serving as EPA Region 9 in the early 1980's, Mr. Ridosh has performed site remediation of soil, drums, tanks, landfills, sewage, PCB transformers, and pesticides.  The sites have been on military bases, airports, commercial land, and community developments.  Using his years of experience, he has provided OSHA required training for all aspects of hazardous materials for workers.

E-MAR has conducted hundreds of mold investigations in residential, commercial, and governmental buildings. Investigations have also included chemical and other biological sampling and analysis for indoor air quality problems.


E-MAR Resources has provided site safety personnel for large construction projects. These have included tunneling for water mains, tank demolition for a major oil terminal, and installation of leachate and gas extraction wells on a landfill.


E-MAR has provided safety training to dozens of major clients, including engineering companies, construction companies, and government agencies. Training includes the OSHA required hazmat classes such as the 40-hour site worker training, lead awareness, hazard communication, respiratory protection, and GHS.