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Michael Ridosh, Certified Industrial Hygienist
4259 Alhama Drive
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Tel: 818-888-5894

MBA, 1981. California Lutheran University.
B.S. Chemistry, 1971. California State University, Northridge.


  • Performed site safety supervision for landfill drilling monitoring well installation project.
  • Performed site safety supervision and lead exposure monitoring for a tank demolition project for a major oil company.
  • Asbestos safety monitoring for remediation in Libby MT.
  • Performed over 100 mold and fungus investigations in office buildings, military barracks, and residences.
  • Indoor air quality evaluations in office buildings, residences.
  • Performed personnel monitoring projects for heavy metals, cyanide, diesel fumes, aluminum, chromium.
  • Provided site safety supervision for tunneling project.
  • Confined Space audit for industrial company with over forty tanks.
  • Wrote IIPP, HAZCOM, other safety plans and did all training as Corporate Safety Officer for CKY Inc.
  • Site Safety Officer at a low level radioactive waste site (FUSRAP) remediation for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Wrote Health and Safety Plans for numerous projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Included tank removal  projects: FEMA in Salt Lake City, FAA at San Francisco Airport and Burbank Airport, Fort Irwin, Camp Roberts and a PCB remediation at the Detroit Arsenal.
  • Wrote Health and Safety Plans for several projects for the U.S. Air Force (AFCEE) including March AFB, Norton AFB, Ontario Air National Guard Station.
  • Wrote Health and Safety Plans for several projects for the U.S. Navy including Lemoore NAS pipeline abandonment, Camp Pendleton sludge removal, Point Molate tank cleaning, China Lake NWS tank removal.
  • Performed Safety Audit wrote IIPP, Hazcom, and other safety plans for a major oil company.
  • Performed an air and surface sampling for an electronics company experiencing employee illness.
  • Prepared the manuals and presented OSHA 1910.120 training at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
  • Responsible for demonstration of protective clothing, monitoring instrumentation, and sampling equipment. Provided technical support to clients on equipment selection, and sourced products.
  • Safety Officer for three major environmental companies.
  • Presented 1910.120 training to the U.S. Navy Norfolk and Pensacola Naval Air Stations.


  • Site assessment of decommissioned plating shop for heavy metals to 50 feet.
  • Site assessment of fire fighting training pit and two oil water separators for AFCEE.
  • Performed waste treatment and minimization studies, made recommendations for a USN industrial waste treatment plant.
  • Managed Phase 1 assessments for the Bank of America and the Ford Motor Co.
  • Managed a UST investigation for the California Office of the State Architect at a Highway Patrol facility.
  • Worked at the Rocky Flats Plant on the application for a RCRA Part B permit. Work at RFP included setting up an on site mobile laboratory, writing a sampling plan for over 1000 waste streams, and installation of monitoring wells.
  • Managed a project for the BLM that involved site assessments at contaminated sites and landfills in five western states.
  • Assessment for California EPA at Chatham Brothers Barrel Yard.
  • Assessment of chlorinated solvent leakage from UST's at an industrial site including soil sampling at three locations to depths of 60 ft. in Phoenix AZ.
  • Managed project to assess the impact of POTW discharge into the marine environment using analysis of water column, bottom sediments, fish populations, and benthic organisms.
  • Managed an assessment of the environmental impact of land disposal of oilfield wastes in an 80 acre site.
  • Other projects included: 1) an investigation of the environmental impacts of a proposed waste to energy incinerator; 2) a study of the disposition of used oil for the API; 3) chemical analysis of water and environmental samples for sanitary districts, private industry, and the petroleum industry, including refinery effluent testing, ocean discharge monitoring, hazardous waste evaluation, drilling mud bioassay, and microbiology; 4) visits to semiconductor crystal manufacturing facilities and sampling of their wastewater as a part of a study for the EPA.


  • Managed UST removals at Concord Naval Weapons Station, Camp Roberts
  • Assistant Manager for $1.8 MM remediation of low level radioactive waste FUSRAP site in Ohio.
  • Manager $1.6 MM remediation for AFCEE at March AFB. Removed 26 underground fuel tanks.
  • Managed soil remediation at Sharpe Army Depot. Excavated and hauled 600 tons of metals contaminated soil for disposal as Class I and Class II hazardous waste.
  • Managed landfill remediation at Norton AFB. Metals contaminated soil was stabilized with cement before disposal.
  • Managed $1.1 MM tank removal project for Los Angeles County Department Works.
  • Managed tank removal projects for FAA, FEMA in Salt Lake City, San Francisco Airport, Burbank Airport.
  • Managed remediation of ASTs in an abandoned tank farm for DTSC. Eighteen tanks were cleared of oily sludge and hydroblasted.
  • Managed $2.3 MM remediation project for the LACMTA. Contaminated soil from the MetroRail construction was transported and disposed.
  • Plant Supervisor for the Stringfellow groundwater remediation project
  • Supported all aspects of a new treatment technology for remediation of contaminated soils, including permit application, treatment chemistry, proposal preparation, and acceptance into the SITE program.
  • Remediation of a decommissioned tank farm that had stored a variety of chlorinated and hydrocarbon solvents. The remedial technology was a mechanical system for the in-situ treatment of contaminated soils by air and steam stripping.
  • Performed the remediation of a 10,000 cu. yd. hydrocarbon site with a new remedial technology, the In Situ Detoxifier.
  • Cleanups at hazardous waste sites throughout Region 9. Sites included paint chemicals, oil, gasoline, diethylamine, acids, asbestos, cyanide, PCB, pesticides and heavy metals. Significant projects included removal of contamination from 39 sites on Guam and Saipan, primarily pesticides and PCB, and the removal of 2700 drums of heavy metals and acids.
  • Remediation of a 1.6 acre pesticide site by chemical and biological degradation.
  • Remediation of 1700 drums of acid sludge at a waste oil re-refinery.
  • Monitored the cleanup of dioxin at 1 Market Plaza for EPA Region 9 after a PCB transformer fire.


  • Mentor, EPA IAQ "Tools for Schools", American Lung Association.
  • Lead-Based Paint Inspector - Certificate No. I-7209.
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist - CIH # 6027.
  • Registered Environmental Assessor - REA # 989.
  • Radiation Worker II certification.
  • Instructor, California Compliance School.
  • Instructor, UCLA Extension, Site Investigation and Remediation Certificate Program.
  • Instructor, OSHA 40 hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker 1910.120.
  • Professional Environmental Marketing Association (PEMA) - Southern California Chapter President (1993).
  • PEMA National Board of Directors - Membership Director. (1994).
  • Author of nine publications on site remediation and assessment.